The Importance Of Switchboard Upgrades For Home Safety

Importance Of Switchboard Upgrades | MCH Electrical

The Importance Of Switchboard Upgrades For Home Safety

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A switchboard is the nerve center for all the electrical equipment in the house. Your electrical devices are connected to this nucleus which distributes electrical energy. No wonder even the smallest fault here takes only seconds to turn into a massive disaster.

While there are some telltale signs you need a switchboard upgrade like flickering lights, sparks, or burn marks near switchboards, etc., it’s always better to run regular inspections to be on the safer side. 

The Importance Of Switchboard Upgrades For Home Safety

Below are 8 reasons why it’s crucial to upgrade your switchboard from time to time:

Safety Comes First

The last thing you need in your house is an outdated electrical system, which includes your switchboard and electrical wiring.

 For instance, worn-out or broken components might not work properly, thus unable to break circuits at the right time. Old, faulty wiring and lack of proper insulation are other causes of electrical hazards. 

Plus, older switchboards tend to have fuse overcrowding which can easily lead to loose connections and electrical fires. 

Upgrading your switchboard means ruling out these mishappenings with newer and robust options like a safety switch, RCD, etc

Meet Your Growing Power Demands

As a family grows, so does the house. Your electrical requirements are bound to increase with time. But what’s important is how you keep up with them.

Upgrading a switchboard is a foolproof way of ensuring your house is ready to meet the surging power demands safely and smartly. With more power-consuming devices and equipment in the picture, it’s crucial to have an electrical system that can flawlessly manage such an enormous power distribution.

A modern switchboard can guarantee this capacity without overheating.

Compliance With New Electrical Standards

Old is gold unless it’s a matter of electrical safety. Work practices change over time as new technology is introduced, and so do electrical standards. 

What might have been safe yesterday, may not be your best bet today. Hence, it’s utterly important to have switchboards that are compliant with the latest electrical standards recognized by the Australian government.

This includes how the switchboards are designed, constructed, installed, and maintained. It’s best to consult with an electrician to get started.

Ground & Arc Fault Protection

Electrical current can often leak from the circuit and jump away from the wire, or worse, into another wire, creating a potentially dangerous environment. Hence the inevitable use of GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters) and AFCIs (arc fault circuit interrupters).

The latest switchboards rely on these components to detect current imbalances and abnormal arcs for breaking the circuit timely. So that you’re well-protected against electrical shocks and fires.

Remove Asbestos From The Equation

If the backing panel of your switchboard is made up of asbestos, you’ve got to replace it at the earliest. 

Asbestos is a harmful mineral, which if disturbed, can produce tiny fibers in the air. Inhaling or even long exposure to these fibers can cause life-threatening diseases. By December 2003, Australia had completely banned the use of asbestos, which calls for upgrading your switchboard if it was constructed using the same.

You can rather opt for backing panels made using drywall, cement board, etc.

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A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned

Old and damaged switchboards require frequent repairs, which is synonymous with unnecessary expenses and financial loss. By installing a modern switchboard, you not only reduce these maintenance bills but also start using energy efficiently. That is, no more energy wastage, or a burn in your pocket.

You can also quickly troubleshoot any electrical issues if your switchboard supports better and more organized circuit management.

No More Flickering Lights Or Blown Fuses

One of the most irksome electrical issues is flickering lights that can literally give headaches. Not to forget buying a fuse every now and then because your switchboard is too outdated to handle the increasing power load.

By upgrading your switchboard to one that can withstand huge energy consumption, you save yourself from blackouts and dingy lighting. In fact, having a robust switchboard also prevents your appliances from breaking down due to current imbalances.

You can also quickly troubleshoot any electrical issues if your switchboard supports better and more organized circuit management.

Peace Of Mind

Knowing you and your loved ones are living safe and sound does the rest of the job. A sense of security can elevate your quality of life to a great extent, including the improved resale value of your house in the future.

Bottom Line

Upgrading your switchboard is vital to ensure home safety, energy efficiency, and cost efficiency. Annual or biannual inspections should be made to find out any potential damages to your switchboard and necessary upgrades. 

Reach out to an experienced electrician or consultant today to upgrade your switchboard in a thorough, well-planned, and safe manner.

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