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Ceiling Fan Installation Gold Coast

Ceiling Fan Installation Gold Coast | MCH Electrical

Ceiling fans are a cost-effective way to keep rooms fresh without running an air conditioner – this is especially true in the summer months.


At MCH Electrical, we have been helping residential customers install new ceiling fans for years. We offer our services to all suburbs around the Gold Coast area and provide accurate quotes. We take pride in our ceiling fan installations, replacement and repair services and always offer exceptional value for money. Our service is of the highest quality, and we’re committed to helping our customers save energy and money. 


Our team of electrical specialists will find one that is right for your home or business and install it as soon as possible!

Ceiling Fan Installation Service Process

MCH Electrical makes it easy to get your new ceiling fan installed. Just get in touch with us and we’ll arrange a time for one of our electricians to come to your home. They’ll talk to you about the best place for your new fan, then unpack and install it. Some fans work with one-way light switches, while others need two or three-way switches.


The electrician will assess the existing connections and, if need be, install new conduits, junction points, cabling or new circuits to accommodate the new ceiling fan setup. Once the new ceiling fan is installed, our electricians will run a series of professional checks on the electrical controls to make sure it’s working correctly. We will then show you how to operate your new ceiling fan. This includes adjusting the settings, instructions for cleaning and what to do if a power failure occurs. You’re then free to start using the unit straight away!

Ceiling Fan services offered

Ceiling Fan Replacement

Ceiling Fan Replacement

If you need a ceiling fan installation, an electrician can usually do this quickly and easily. They will remove your old fan, assemble the new one, and connect the wiring. This process usually takes less than an hour.

Ceiling Fan Repair

Ceiling Fan repair

If your ceiling fan isn't working as it should or is making noises and you can't fix it, hiring an electrician for ceiling fan repair will cost less than buying and installing a new fan. In some cases, the fault can't be repaired and you need a replacement.

It Reduces The Cost Of Electricity | MCH Electrical

New Installation

If you're starting from scratch with your ceiling fan installation, you'll need to factor in some additional time and expense to get everything set up. An electrician will need to run cables through your walls & ceiling & install wall switches. This is more involved than replacing an existing fan, so be sure to factor that in when budgeting for your new ceiling fan.

Why use MCH Electrical?

MCH Electrical is a company that you can trust. Your first point of contact will be with a qualified and experienced electrician who will take the time to understand your needs and advise you on the best solution. All our staff are trustworthy, skilled professionals who are fully licensed and registered. The reasons why customers recommend us to others are:

Locally Owned Electrician

Reliable and punctual.

Quality Workmanship

24* 7

Efficient & an eye for detail

Licensed Electrician

Installation costs of Ceiling Fans:

Ceiling fans installation is relatively economical as compared to any other appliance installation.

The cost to install a ceiling fan is more than just the fan itself. In addition to the price of the fan, you have to consider the number of fans you want to install, whether you need a remote or wall switch, and the height of your ceilings. Other factors that can affect cost are additional wiring, upgrading existing ceiling fan installations or replacement of existing ceiling fans.

Benefits of Installing a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a great way to keep your home cool, and there are a few benefits that you should consider while investing in them. Firstly, ceiling fans will allow airflow to circulate better in the room. It keeps your air conditioner from overworking itself and means that you’ll save your money on monthly energy bills! Secondly, ceiling fans can elevate your room’s appearance in a fantastic way, and many include lighting as well.

A Safe Environment | MCH Electrical


Ceiling fans are incredibly inexpensive in the long run.

Aesthetic Appeal | MCH Electrical

Pest Deterrent

The breeze produced by ceiling fans keeps the pests away since they can't resist the draft.

It Reduces The Cost Of Electricity | MCH Electrical


With the vast number of different styles available, you have the choice of maintaining the overall aesthetic.

Summer & Winter Settings

Summer & Winter Settings

The blade rotation is reversible, allowing the fan to remain functional in summer and winter.

Ceiling Fan Replacement


A ceiling fan also improves the efficiency of an air conditioner by circulating air throughout the room.


Kerry Bowden Michael is a true professional. Over two visits, he completed electrical fit off on a recent kitchen renovation project, installed 2 exhaust fans in the bathrooms, installed a new compliant smoke alarm, and upgraded a TV point for me. He also replaced the outdoor light. Both times he was right on time, and he quoted everything up front so I knew what to expect. No hidden surprises. The products he uses are top quality, and he carries enough supplies so when he meets a customer like me who suddenly remembers more things that need doing, he's prepared! Karen Fiala (AlterQuest) Michael was very professional. He advised us about upgrades which we could do if we wished. He also helped us upgrade our fire alarm system to make it up to code for the QLD requirements and totally sorted out our external power box so it was much safer. Michelle Hall Michael was a wonderful find. We have used him before and will use again. We can always count on him to be there, be flexible and go the extra mile when needed. Michael made sure he was available and finished the job to a high standard at a reasonable price. Very grateful.

Looking for a professional ceiling fan installation service?

MCH Electrical has several master electricians on the Gold Coast. So, if you need your ceiling fan fixed or installed, we can help you. We offer an extensive range of ceiling fans, from standard three-blade models to huge feature fans and many between options. Feel free to contact us on 07 5665 7013 or use our online service request to send us a message today!


Installing a ceiling fan is cheaper than air conditioning. Plus, it uses less energy – so there’s no downside to it. We’ll look into the specifics of adding a new ceiling fan in your home and what you can expect to spend for installation.

Ceiling fans are dangerous if there are any issues with the fan such as not being properly lubricated and having loose screws for example. Any time you hear a buzzing and/or see sparks coming from inside the motor of your ceiling fan, do not use it and call MCH Electrical immediately!

Yes, ceiling fans are a much more economical and eco friendly option than AC systems.
Ceiling Fan Repairs Gold Coast | MCH Electrical

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