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Well-functioning switchboards are one of the most critical devices in the electrical system. They provide direct or divided power loads into panelboards or smaller branch circuits in a standard enclosure. Its primary function is maintaining and controlling power flow, so we can imagine the havoc a malfunctioning switchboard can cause. And that makes a switchboard electrician incredibly handy. 


A switchboard electrician is trained in the electrical department and knows how to make switchboard installations, maintenance, repairs, and replacements safe for them as well as you and your family.

High-Quality & Reliable Switchboard Electrician Services

Switchboard Upgrade

If you have outdated or malfunctioning switchboards, you can rest assured that the new ones are easier to operate than the older ones and allow you to use multiple smart home devices simultaneously.
We offer domestic and commercial switchboard upgrade services in the Gold Coast region, ensuring compliance with the latest safety regulations.

Switchboard Inspection

We offer switchboard inspection services if you need to replace or upgrade your switchboard. All you need to do is contact us, and we will check your switchboards, wiring, and all that goes into the smooth functioning of a switchboard. We can address the situation with a consultation, making things easier for you.

Ceiling Fan Repair

Switchboard Repair

Our highly-trained technicians will arrive on-site to complete a comprehensive inspection and recommend the most suitable switchboard upgrade solutions for you.
Switchboard repairs can be tricky, but with our professional team of electricians, you are in safe hands.

Switchboard Replacement

Many switchboards need help to keep up with technological progress. If the safety standards are not kept up, an outdated switchboard can become an electrical hazard.
An upgrade will help you function better and keep you safe from electrical malfunctioning than using ceramic or rewireable fuses.

Switchboard Testing & Tagging

Whether you are worried about your old switchboard or want to know whether it is working correctly, you can rely on us for safe and efficient switchboard testing and tagging.

Does your Switchboard Need an Upgrade? We can help!

Some clear signs indicate the necessity of upgrading your switchboards. Consider a switchboard upgrade if your switchboards are old, made of ceramic, or need help with smooth electrical functioning. Here are some signs to look out for-
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Why Choose MCH Electrical

To ensure that you are well-protected in your home, get in touch with one of our qualified electricians today to complete switchboard upgrades.


The safety of our customers always comes first.


We offer top-quality work and customer service at a reasonable cost.


We offer emergency electrical services for prompt response situations.

Qualifications & Certifications

We have a team of fully qualified and licensed electricians with extensive experience completing switchboard upgrades across the Gold Coast area.

Peace of Mind

With our team, you can have peace of mind knowing that electrical safety and efficient work is our highest priority.

Our Switchboard Electrician can:


The switchboard is the device that distributes electricity from the power source to the various appliances and sockets throughout the premises. This panel contains switches controlling the electrical flow and gets connected to the wiring and circuits that power the property.
Switchboards are free-standing units that are front connected and, like panelboards, require only front access. However, switchboards can allow for both front and rear access if desired.

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