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LED Lighting Systems Offer An Outstanding Value For Money

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Can LEDs result in a significant saving? Yes indeed. These lights last for at least ten years. Plus, your savings on electricity bills can help recover the investment in LEDs within a year.


Remember, your Gold Coast property lighting design is obsolete if it does not involve the use of energy-efficient LEDs. So, let team MCH Electrical provide the best indoor and outdoor LED lighting systems to you.

Residential LED Lighting Installation Service in the City Of Gold Coast


No matter if it is a beautiful villa, apartment, single-family house, or any other residential building in one of the Gold Coast areas. You can always rely on MCH Electrical’s trustworthy and dependable electricians.

Let us help you choose the best-LED lighting solutions for:

Led Light Installation
Led Lighting System


From a screened-in patio, porch, terrace, or private balcony, to a garden, we can provide LED lighting solutions suitable for almost every home or outdoor office area..

LED Lighting Fixtures Suitable for Outdoor Areas:

Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting

MCH Electrical leads the list of Gold Coast’s trusted commercial electricians. We are champions in providing LED lighting systems to retail spaces, offices, art galleries, schools, warehouses, and other commercial establishments.

Are you looking for adaptable and flexible lighting products suitable for commercial establishments? If so, get in touch, and let’s discuss your project!


Call us on 0756657013. You can also email us at – service@mchelectrical.com.au

Do you want our expert to connect with you? Just fill up the details and let us take care of lighting issues.

Your Own Team For Handling Electrical Emergencies in Gold Coast Town

Team MCH Electrical is not just trustworthy but dependable as well. We are reliable. You can even give us a call at midnight, and our highly experienced, certified electricians will reach your place to handle the emergency.

High-quality Work Combined With Competitive Pricing

Besides installing, upgrading, and servicing LED lighting systems, you can also rely on MCH Electrical for the following services:

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Switchboard upgrade

Ceiling fan installation

Ceiling fan installation

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Powerpoint installation

Residential & commercial solar

Residential & commercial solar

New installation & maintenance of air conditioning units

New installation & maintenance of air conditioning units


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Compared to incandescent lighting, LED lights can help save 75 percent of energy.
The time required to recover your investment depends on the number of hours you use the lighting system. Most LED lights generally have a payback time of less than 12 months.
There are national and state-specific initiatives. Under-cover car-parking spaces, warehouses, healthcare centers, schools, and retail outlets might be eligible for a subsidized upgrade in Gold Coast town. Get in touch with your licensed electrician firms, like MCH Electrical, for more details.
Voltage surges or power fluctuations can prove dangerous for almost every electronic piece of equipment, including LED lights.
You can only use LED bulbs listed as dimmable.
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