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Do you already have an air conditioner in your home or office space that is in need of a service? MCH Electrical offers air conditioning  services to new installations, older model systems as well as our own installed air conditioners. A service can be as easy as replacing filters, clearing blockages and repairing cleanliness, but they can also be useful for repairing any damage that you may not be aware of.


Residential Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Whether you need repairs or maintenance services for your Gold Coast home, an MCH electrician can help. We can help install a split system or ducted air conditioning in your home. Whether you need a climate control solution for a single room or your entire home, we can determine the aircon’s correct size for your space and supply and install the aircon in your home. Discuss your air conditioning requirements with us, and we would be happy to help.


Commercial Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Whether you’re a small or large company, we have suitable aircon installation and after-sales services to meet your needs. Whether you need repairs or an aircon upgrade, we are here to make all of your AC dreams come true!


Aircon service & maintenance

Regular maintenance and servicing of your air conditioning unit can prevent costly breakdowns, especially when you least expect it. It’s even better if you can get that done regularly to ensure your air conditioning unit lasts longer. 


When Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced:

  • It’s not cooling as it used to;
  • It gives off a strange smell or abnormal amount of moisture;
  • The temperature is inconsistent;
  • It’s noisy;
  • Your energy bills are increasing; or
  • It’s due for its yearly service.

Our air con technicians can book a time convenient to you, to attend your office/home and service your air conditioner. Booking in a service with one of our certified expert air con technicians guarantees the job is done right, the first time. Our friendly team can answer all of your concerns and offer expert advice to all of your questions.

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Air Conditioning Installation


MCH Electrical can supply and install a range of split-system air conditioning makes and models. To see if a split-system is the right air conditioner choice for you, simply click through to read about Split-System Air Conditioning.


If you are unsure about if your space is capable of having an air conditioner installed, our team of residential and commercial air con technicians are on hand to offer expert advice. We can also organise a convenient time with you to view the space, and provide a quote.


MCH Electrical can make the installation of your new air conditioning system easy and low maintenance, taking all the hassle and stress out of your decision. Our expert air con technicians can remove all the doubt, providing clear and easy-to-understand advice and service. Our friendly team can expertly install your system no matter the space size. Plus, we offer all of our customers a 12-month installation warranty.

Mini Split Air Conditioner Installation

If you’re looking for help with ductless mini split ac installation, look no further than the experts at MCH Electrical. We’re highly experienced with all manner of split system aircon installation across a range of different building types where ductwork either does not exist or is not viable as a solution.


Benefits of Installing a Mini Split System

There are many clear advantages of this smaller set-up. It is most frequently used to deliver treated air to one room within a home or business.

This option is popular because, unlike a window unit, the compressor and heat exchanger can be located a further distance away from the interior area that is being treated. On top of this, the hose connecting the interior and exterior unit can be easily disguised to look like a drainpipe extending down from the building’s roof.


Other benefits of split system ac installation include:

  • Higher energy efficiency than window-mounted units
  • Many units can be managed with remote timers and controls
  • Less cool air is wasted than with traditional ductwork systems
  • Outdoor compressors mean less noise heard by people inside

Why MCH?

When you’re looking for ‘split system installation near me’, you want to be connected with technicians who have past experience with the job. You also want to ensure you get a fair quote for the work required.

At MCH, we deliver on both of these things. You can trust our electrician to complete your split unit installation quickly and at an affordable rate. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying air conditioning with ease.

Common Ductless Applications

To give you a better idea of how ductless systems can be used, the following will list a few typical applications.

Homes Without Ductwork


While a ductless system will cost money to use, it is still cheaper than adding a full set of ductwork to home that has none to begin with.

New Rooms


If you add a new room to your home or begin using a room that doesn’t have ducting connected to it (like a garage), then a split unit installation can be beneficial. This is because it won’t overload or sap your existing ducted system.

Keeping Everyone Happy


If people in a home are always disagreeing about the right temperature, it can be more efficient to use a separate ductless unit for each room rather than using zoning on a traditional set-up.

Supporting Problem Areas


If there are areas of a home that don’t get enough cooling or heating, then it can be beneficial to get a ductless unit set-up to support it, without the expense of getting extra ductwork.

Make Sure You Work with Reliable Split System Installers

While not as complicated as a robust ducted set-up, split system ac installation requires correct sizing and placement to get the full benefits you’ve paid for. Trying to do-it-yourself can lead to you voiding the warranty on the unit you’ve bought, so it’s recommended that you hire the professional technicians from MCH to help you.

Your investment will be wasted if you get something the wrong size or fail to ensure that it has adequately sealed wall penetration. Similarly, ductless systems have a lot of delicate electronic components that a layman will struggle with.

While it costs a little extra to hire an expert than attempt a DIY job, it is well worth it in the long run. If you require split unit installation, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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MCH Electrical provides a professional team of air conditioning experts ready to help you with your home or business air conditioning problems from start to finish. Our fully qualified workers always put their customers first, and we’re looking forward to the opportunity of working with you when the time comes. We always service all areas of the Gold Coast Area.

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