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Reasons to Hire a Qualified Residential Electrician from MCH

It’s no secret that electricity can be extremely dangerous when mishandled. It’s one of the main hazards any homeowner can deal with and can easily cause other problems like fire when not managed properly.


Just because you’ve replaced a few lightbulbs in your life does not qualify you to deal with delicate matters such as attending to switchboards and rewiring parts of your home. There’s no doubt that you need a professional residential electrician to assist you when you’re dealing with power issues in your home or installing a new device (such as an air conditioning unit).


Electricity is not something that you can afford to play around with, so you always need to contact a professional. The following will list some of the reasons you should hire a residential electrician from MCH.

1. Experienced Experts


At MCH we have an impeccable reputation for excellent work as industrial, commercial, and residential electricians. Take a quick look at our testimonials to see what other people are saying about us.


With over a decade of industry experience, you can rest assured that the fully-qualified and licensed residential electrician you hire from MCH has the knowledge to get the job done quickly. Experience is so important when you want reassurance that you are getting the best solution to the matter you are dealing with.


No matter what the nature of the problem happens to be, you want to get it solved with a long-lasting solution that won’t cause you further problems down the road. At MCH, we guarantee the quality of the work we do so you never need to think twice about the solution you are provided with from our residential electrician.

2. Guaranteed Arrival at Schedule Time


Ever dealt with the frustrating experience of hiring a trade professional only to realise they’re actually very unprofessional when it comes to showing up on time? This is not something you have to deal with from MCH – we guarantee that we will show up at the time scheduled with you, so you won’t be standing there wondering where we are.


We know that you have plenty of other things to worry about and that you’d rather be doing than waiting on a technician to show up. This is part of why MCH’s residential electricians have such a good reputation – we show up on time and get the job done!

3. 24-7 Emergency Service


Of course, one of our core offerings is the fact that we provide 24-hour emergency services to our valued customers. That’s right – we can come to your premises any time of the day or night and help you when it matters most.

When the matter is urgent, you want a quick solution without compromising on the quality or affordability of the work you receive. At MCH, we ensure you have nothing to worry about and give you a fast, competitively priced fix right when you need it.

4. Upfront Pricing


While the work we do comes with an obvious cost, we are always upfront with our customers about what the job will cost, and we won’t surprise you with hidden fees. We give you an honest, competitive quote upfront so that you get to make a totally informed choice about using our residential electrician.

With that said, we doubt you will be able to find a cheaper alternative to MCH that gives you the same level of quality and expertise. We’re rated as one of the three best providers in the Gold Coast for a reason!

5. Life Time Workmanship Warranty


At MCH, we ensure you can be confident in hiring our residential electricians since we provide a life time workmanship warranty. We are proud of the work we do, no matter how big or small the job is, so we can assure you of the quality of every single repair or installation we do.

6. Clean Up After Every Job


When you hire someone to come into your home and help you, you shouldn’t have to clean up after them. If we make any kind of mess in your home as a result of the work we do, we will ensure that it is cleaned up before we leave.

7. MCH Membership Discounts


Like any good business, we offer discounts to our members who choose to rely on our residential electricians time after time. This has helped us form long-term relationships with hundreds of customers all over the Gold Coast who never have to hesitate to call us when they need a residential electrician.

Don't Settle for Less

At MCH, our goal has been to ensure that our customers can hire us so that they don’t need to compromise on cost or quality

– we give you both! If you need a residential electrician, contact us and let’s get started!

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