Safety Switch Installation Gold Coast

Safety Switches Gold Coast

Safety Switch Installation Gold Coast

Did you know that many homes on the Gold Coast lack safety switches on all their electrical circuits? This means that they’re at risk for electrical fires and other accidents. All new homes must have an electrical safety switch installed on all power and light circuits, and older homes should install one whenever any modification is made to the existing electrical layout.


An electrical safety switch protects your family from electrocution by quickly cutting off the power in the event of an electrical fault.


Safety switches are something electrical contractors might not share with you when you’re having them work on something for you, but this is the one thing that probably should be at the very top of the list. A glitch in an electrical system can have disastrous effects, so it’s crucial to ensure all switches and switchboards are working correctly. At MCH Electrical, we love safety switches because they offer a solution to virtually any possible power surge or electrical fault.

At MCH Electrical, we recognize how important it is to have effective safety measures in place to protect against electrical hazards. We therefore work with builders, residential, and commercial clients on the Gold Coast to install and test safety switches.


Our licensed and experienced electricians inspect your system and recommend the best switches to prevent surges and electrical shocks. By having the right safety switches installed, we can ensure that everyone in your family is safe from electrical faults.

Types of Safety Switches

Safety switches are a vital part of any home or business, and there are three types of safety switches: Switchboard RCDs, Powerpoint RCDs, and Portable RCDs. While each type has a unique purpose, it’s important to ensure that each is installed correctly by a licensed electrician. This will help you to avoid any accidents or injuries that could occur as a result of incorrect installation.

Benefits of a Safety Switch

Safety switches protect you from electrical hazards by breaking the circuit when there is a risk of something becoming a conductor. This is essential when working with equipment outside or in wet or damaged areas where there is a chance of electrocution.


Portable safety switches are a vital piece of safety equipment that should be used whenever there is doubt about the circuit you are working on. Always check to make sure there is a safety switch before beginning work, and never assume that the circuit has one.

How does a safety switch work?

Electrical safety switches protect everyone by ensuring that there is no electricity leakage. The response time of safety switches for power leakage is much faster than a heartbeat. The safety switches cut off electricity when power leakage occurs, thus preventing any accident or casualty.

What does the safety switch look like?

When identifying parts of electrical circuits, there are some easy ways to avoid mistakes. Circuit breakers and safety switches reduce the current running through a circuit, but they have different functions. Safety switches have a “Test” or “T” button that does not allow power to run through it at all (as opposed to circuit breakers) for manual testing purposes.

How Do I Test My Safety Switch?

It’s important to test your safety switch every 3 months to make sure it’s working properly. 


Although installing safety switches is the first step towards a safer property, regular testing will guarantee protection when you need it.


To test it, just go to your switchboard and push the “T” button on each safety switch. The switch should trip right away.

What do we offer?

Australian safety standards compliance

Reliable, trained & licensed electricians

Full workmanship guarantee

Regular testing & maintenance

All types of safety switches according to your needs


Simon Kempe The team at MCH Electrical are fantastic. They’re extremely professional and maintain great communication from initial inquiry until completion of the job. I was very happy with the quality of workmanship and have no hesitation recommending them to anyone who needs an electrician. Karen Fiala (AlterQuest) Michael was very professional. He advised us about upgrades which we could do if we wished. He also helped us upgrade our fire alarm system to make it up to code for the QLD requirements and totally sorted out our external power box so it was much safer. Michelle Hall Michael was a wonderful find. We have used him before and will use again. We can always count on him to be there, be flexible and go the extra mile when needed. Michael made sure he was available and finished the job to a high standard at a reasonable price. Very grateful.

Why Choose us?

There are many reasons why our clients choose us for safety switch installation and testing. Some of them are:

Firm resolution of safety switch issues at your home or office

We carry out mandatory testing and inspection on every job to meet Australian Standards

All of our products come with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

Free quotes

Transparent pricing

Prompt services by our licensed electricians

Are you Looking for Reliable Safety Switch Installations?

Your family’s safety is very important, and one way you can help protect them is by making sure you have safety switches installed in your home. There are many different types of switchboards out there, and some pose a real safety hazard if they’re not up to the standard. For honest and upfront feedback on your switchboard, or to find out if you already have safety switches installed, contact MCH Electrical in Gold Coast. We help you keep your family safe and sound.

Your local electrical specialists

MCH Electrical has a reputation for providing safety switches in one’s home and office. Our team is willing to supply, install and ensure the overall quality of your safety switch. It is always comforting to know that your home or business is protected by devices installed by professionals such as those at MCH Electrical.


For a safer living environment in Gold Coast, it is mandatory to have a safety switch or an RCD installed into the main power panel of every home or rental property.
Safety switches will trip to many causes, including excess moisture, mechanical harm to cables and appliances, poor cable insulation, and damage caused by rodents like rats.
You need to go to your safety switchboard and press the “T” key on each of your emergency shutdown devices which should cause the switch to trigger immediately. To reset the emergency shutdown device, push the lever back up into the ‘On’ position. Alternatively, you might need to rotate the lever clockwise if it doesn’t have an automatic reset option.
Yes. We provide safety switch installation by our licensed electrician on Gold Coast
Are you ever confused about which one is which – a safety switch or a circuit breaker? They actually serve two different purposes though they may look similar. A circuit breaker’s main purpose is to safeguard your electrical system from overload and it trips when there’s too much electricity running through the wires. On the other hand, a safety switch is designed to protect you and your family from electrocution by cutting off the power supply whenever there’s a risk of electric shock. So basically, if you touch a live wire by accident, the safety switch will detect it and shut off the power before you get electrocuted whereas a circuit breaker would not be able to do so because it only trips when there’s an overload.
Safety switches are electrical devices that have a button with a T on them. If the button doesn’t have a T on it, then it’s probably a circuit breaker. Circuit breakers are different from safety switches and do not offer the protection your family needs.
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