MCH Electrical has a highly qualified team of employees specializing in supplying, installing, and maintaining smoke alarms and fire safety systems.


At MCH Electrical, we have installed smoke alarms and smoke detectors for properties in the Gold Coast area. A smoke alarm can mean a lot for your home or workplace; it is essential to ensure you have one installed, especially since there are stipulations regarding the compulsory nature of smoke alarms in this area.

Gold Coast Smoke Alarm Legislation

Queensland landlords are now required to ensure a higher level of safety in their properties according to this timeline:

Queensland Sellers Compliance Service

You must have smoke alarms installed on the property if you are selling a home in QLD after January 1, 2022, as per new requirements.

Types of Smoke Alarms

Red Smoke Alarms

1.Instantly silence alarms
2.Instantly locate an alarm that is false
3.Allows tenants to deal with false alarms immediately and easily
4.Silence alarms by simply pushing one button on the wall
5.Detectors are 240v with hardwired interconnect and 12v battery backup

Voltex Smoke Alarms

1.It does not need cables
2.Interconnected Wi-Fi solution

3.Cost-effective smoke alarms when ceiling spaces aren’t available

Clipsal Smoke Alarms

1.Highly reliable and effective

2.Used when adding to existing installations

Types of Smoke Alarm Detectors

Photoelectric smoke Detectors

The photoelectric smoke detector has a light source, which shines into a light-sensitive detection area. The light source gets calibrated at a specific wavelength, and if smoke enters the room, it will affect the ability of this type of detector to detect and respond if a fire starts. In other words, this type of photoelectric detector can alert you to smoke before you even see it or know it's there!

Ionic Smoke Detectors

Ionizing smoke detectors have the most advanced signal processing, preventing nuisance alarms. The detector senses heat rather than the visible light of a flame. It will detect invisible combustion particles, often reaching fires before they have become large enough to produce much smoke. Their greatest strength is in fast, hard-to-detect fires, where they excel at early detection of slowly developing and smouldering fires that have little visible or sensing smoke.

Benefits of Smoke Detectors Installed

Smoke Alarm Testing

MCH Electrical provides comprehensive smoke detector testing for agents, landlords, and tenants.

Why MCH electrical for Smoke alarm Installation

Fully Licensed and Insured electrician

Professional and on-time electrician

Transparent and quality workmanship

Following Government compliance


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"We are very happy we found MCH Electrical, they installed four down lights, and installed a tv point and new power point for our TV. The team they sent were very friendly, professional and quick. Communication was great suited me and was consistent. Their workman ship was top notch too, I will definitely use their services again - highly recommend"
Carol n Devonne Tomuli
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"We've used MCH Electrical several times now for the installation and/or replacement of lights, ceiling fans and air conditioning units and have always found Michael to be professional, knowledgeable and tidy. When recently installing some ceiling fans he advised us of a faulty safety switch that we weren't aware of and was able to fix this for us on the spot. Would highly recommend MCH."
Kate Crawford
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"Michael is very efficient, competent and a good communicator. But an emergency call fee is too dear."
Mintoy Rusty
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