Smoke alarms are an essential part of any home or business to protect your property from fire damage. They detect smoke before you even know there is a fire, making them invaluable when the occupants of your property are asleep or not present at the property. It is important to have working smoke alarms in your home to comply with current Australian safety regulations.

You can rest assured that your smoke alarm system will be installed by our experienced and knowledgeable electricians, tailored specifically to your needs and setting. There is a great deal of variation in smoke alarm systems, but our professional help ensures that you get the best possible system for your home or business.

MCH Electrical has a highly qualified team of employees specializing in supplying, installing, and maintaining smoke alarms and fire safety systems.
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Protect Your Home or Business With the Best Smoke Alarm Installer

At MCH Electrical, we have installed smoke alarms and smoke detectors for properties in the Gold Coast area. A smoke alarm can mean a lot for your home or workplace; it is essential to ensure you have one installed, especially since there are stipulations regarding the compulsory nature of smoke alarms in this area.

Gold Coast Smoke Alarm Legislation

Queensland landlords are now required to ensure a higher level of safety in their properties according to this timeline:

Queensland Sellers Compliance Service

You must have smoke alarms installed on the property if you are selling a home in QLD after January 1, 2022, Ensuring the compliance of the smoke alarm is met is of utmost importance. 

Types of Smoke Alarms

Red Smoke Alarms

These smoke alarms boast excellent functionality, featuring a central controller that links each alarm allowing for effortless testing, locating, and silencing from a centralised location. 

Also, they have the following features

1. Instantly silence alarms
2. Instantly locate an alarm that is false
3. Detectors are 240v with hardwired interconnect and 12v battery backup

Voltex Smoke Alarms

The Voltex smoke alarms present a viable solution where cabling installation on the ceiling is not feasible. These state-of-the-art smoke alarms utilize a 10-year lithium battery and wireless interconnect system, 

1.It does not need cables

2. Interconnected Wi-Fi solution

3.Cost-effective smoke alarms when ceiling spaces aren’t available

Clipsal Smoke Alarms

Clipsal is a prominent electrical and smoke alarm equipment renowned for delivering high-quality, dependable smoke alarms. Our team favors using Clipsal smoke alarms when enhancing a pre-existing installation. This practice enables us to offer an economical solution that prioritizes household safety and compliance.

1. Highly reliable and effective

2. Used when adding to existing installations

Types of Smoke Alarm Detectors

Photoelectric smoke Detectors

The photoelectric smoke detector has a light source that shines into a light-sensitive detection area. The light source gets calibrated at a specific wavelength, and if smoke enters the room, it will affect the ability of this type of detector to detect and respond if a fire starts. In other words, photoelectric smoke alarms can alert you to smoke before you see it or know it's there!

Ionic Smoke Detectors

Ionising smoke detectors have the most advanced signal processing, preventing nuisance alarms. The ionisation alarms sense heat rather than the visible light of a flame. The ionisation sensors detect invisible combustion particles, often reaching fires before they have become large enough to produce much smoke. Their greatest strength of these ionisation smoke alarms is in fast, hard-to-detect fires, where they excel at early detection of slowly developing and smouldering fires with little visible or sensing smoke.

Benefits of Installing Smoke Detectors

Ensuring that smoke alarm standards are met is crucial to gaining the various benefits of installing smoke detectors. To know more about our smoke alarm installation services or pricing, get in touch with us!

Smoke Alarm Replacement

MCH Electrical has experience installing smoke alarms and replacing them on Gold Coast. We also offer top-grade smoke alarm inspection services.

Your smoke alarm may need replacement if any of the following apply:

If you need assistance with replacements for your smoke alarm, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Smoke Alarm Testing

MCH Electrical provides comprehensive smoke detector testing for agents, landlords, and tenants. We work with various smoke alarm brands/companies and conduct elaborate compliance checks for enhanced security.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance

MCH Electrical offers excellent smoke alarm maintenance services that meet Australian standards. It is advisable to conduct routine maintenance every six months to ensure the device has optimum efficiency. We delve into the matter – be it rental properties or your building for accurate assessment.

Why MCH electrical for Smoke alarm Installation

Fully Licensed and Insured electrician

Our electricians are fully licensed and insured to perform any smoke alarm installation efficiently.

Professional and on-time electrician

We ensure that we provide on-time, hassle-free services with timely resolution. Our electricians specialise in smoke alarm installation services and are highly knowledgeable.

Transparent and quality workmanship

Our electricians offer quality workmanship with transparent pricing.

Following Government compliance

Our team of skilled experts can provide you with expert advice on the most suitable areas to install your new smoke alarm in accordance with State laws, while also ensuring maximum detection capabilities to meet government regulations.

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Smoke alarm installation is a vital part of any building or rental property. Our qualified technicians will recommend the best locations to install your new smoke alarm to comply with State legislation and optimal detection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install smoke alarms yourself on Gold Coast?

To install hardwired 240V smoke alarms, you need to opt for the assistance of expert installers. These professionals conduct detailed property inspections before installing the device. That way, you can ensure you and your family are safe from hazards.

Where do you install smoke alarms on the Gold Coast?

Smoke alarms need to be installed at –

Each bedroom

Each storey


As per the Queensland smoke alarm legislation, all homes must have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms by 1 January 2027. It is vital to ensure deadlines are met; for that, you can contact us. We offer excellent smoke alarm testing, installation, replacement and maintenance services in Gold Coast and suburbs.

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