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As the demand for data and media in our homes and businesses continues to grow, it is essential to have quality data cabling to maintain these services properly. Poor quality data cabling can lead to unreliable services, so it is important to invest in quality data cabling to provide consistent and reliable services to all. At MCH Electrical, our data cabling technicians are fully certified and have decades of experience in installing quality data cabling on the Gold Coast. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and workmanship.

As a Gold Coast-based electrical contractor, MCH Electrical can help businesses, homeowners, and IT professionals to connect the wired internet infrastructure to enjoy the benefits of more reliable, quicker internet speeds that run up to 1 gigabit per second. 


So if you’re considering upgrading your current internet connection or want to improve your office security with a more robust system with additional features like accessing video surveillance across multiple screens, contact MCH Electrical first for a free quote!

Data Cable Installation Services in Gold Coast:

Data cable installation and repair can be complex, so it’s essential to find an experienced data cable installer who can help you upgrade your infrastructure. Our data cable installers on the Gold Coast are experts in telephone wiring and data point installation, and they can discuss the right solution for your network cabling requirements.


If you are experiencing problems with your telephone lines or data cabling, you should seek professional help to resolve the issue. Our data cabling services can provide the expert assistance you need to get your problem resolved quickly and efficiently.

Our Data Cabling Installation Services

MCH Electrical provides a range of installation services for cables in Gold Coast. From design and documentation to testing (a vital part of any cable installation service, whether it be copper or optic) and maintenance, our skilled professionals will ensure cables are operating at their optimal levels. Working with us means your data will be transmitted seamlessly from point to point via whatever network type you require.

We offer professional and transparent data cabling services across Gold Coast, including:

Why choose MCH Electrical for Data Cabling

Professional Approach

We are available for your service whenever you need us; call us! We have the expertise required to handle all of your concerns.

Ceiling Fan Repair

Licensed and Local Electricians

Our electrical contractors are licensed and insured to provide solutions to your data cabling needs. In addition, knowing the local areas help us to serve you better.

Transparency and Efficiency

Our team at MCH Electrical provides all our customers with data cabling services they require within deadlines and with no hidden prices.

What customers say

Simon Kempe The team at MCH Electrical are fantastic. They’re extremely professional and maintain great communication from initial inquiry until completion of the job. I was very happy with the quality of workmanship and have no hesitation recommending them to anyone who needs an electrician. Karen Fiala (AlterQuest) Michael was very professional. He advised us about upgrades which we could do if we wished. He also helped us upgrade our fire alarm system to make it up to code for the QLD requirements and totally sorted out our external power box so it was much safer. Michelle Hall Michael was a wonderful find. We have used him before and will use again. We can always count on him to be there, be flexible and go the extra mile when needed. Michael made sure he was available and finished the job to a high standard at a reasonable price. Very grateful.

Are you looking for an efficient data cabling service provider Gold Coast?

Why hire anyone else for your data cabling installations? At MCH Electricals, we are known for our excellent work in areas related to the installation of data cabling.

We are the go-to team for cabling solutions, so call us today at 07 5665 7013 to learn more about the different kinds of data cabling services we offer!

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