How Much Does a Switchboard Upgrade Cost?

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Switchboard - Heart of Your Home's Electrical System

Switchboards are essential for the successful operation of a home or business environment. Regular testing of home switchboards against the relevant Australian standards for electricity control is advisable.

Due to the heightened importance of electrical safety in the modern era, it is essential to inspect your switchboard for any defects. You must carry out regular maintenance and care of the switchboard, just as with any other electrical device in the home or workplace, to ensure its proper functionality.

MCH Electrical offers cost-effective, superior switchboard installation and upgradation services to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Contact us today if you require assistance in safeguarding your residence or workplace.

How Much Does a Switchboard Upgrade Cost?

When considering the costs of a switchboard upgrade and the entire process, you should anticipate spending between $700 and $1500. However ,homes over 40 years should get rewiring done, but even newer homes may not comply with the Australian Standards. We recommend that a qualified electrician regularly inspect your switchboard to ensure that you and your family get the safety and protection you need. Contact us to get a quote.

Why Upgrade Your Switchboards?

Enhance Electrical Systems Security.

Maintaining an up-to-date electrical switchboard is essential for reducing the fire risk and electric shock in your home.


Ensure that your electrical switchboard is current to safeguard your property against damage from faulty switchboards. Upgrading your switchboard will also enhance safety in your residence.

Adjust to Evolving Energy Requirements

The typical domestic residence depends on electricity to fuel contemporary advancements requiring increased energy output. You must regularly upgrade electrical systems to maintain optimal performance.

Fire Suppression

An obsolete switchboard can be a source of fire danger. To minimize the likelihood of fire, replacing it with a more modern version is prudent.

Resolve Flickering Lights

When your electrical appliances are flickering, it is indicative of an insufficient capacity of your switchboard. Consequently, you will need to upgrade your switchboard to accommodate the increased power requirement.

Cut Expenditures

Upgrading your electrical panel may incur repair or replacement costs; however, this investment is worthwhile as it decreases the risk of fires and other damages to your electrical appliances which may otherwise be expensive to rectify.

Remove Asbestos-containing Panels

It is critical to replace switchboards with asbestos panels to ensure electrical requirements meet in the future.

Adhere To Electrical Regulations

Home and building proprietors and governmental authorities typically establish a foundation of security and electrical standards to meet the demands of contemporary appliances and technology.


Every light switch and power switch must be provided with a safety feature to ensure the effective operation of the switchboard.

When should you Upgrade Switchboards?

Here are a few signs when you need a switchboard upgrade.


  • Circuit breakers trip frequently.
  • When you have ceramic fuses.
  • There is a random flickering of lights in the building.
  • An appliance’s fuse blows due to overuse.
  • There is a short circuit in the electrical system.
  • Switchboard buzzes.
  • Cables overheat and overload.
  • Electrical equipment consumes more energy.

Signs of an Outdated Switchboard

Blowing fuse

If the fuse in your switchboard is constantly blowing, it is likely a sign of damage. An electrical short not controlled by the switchboard can lead to the fuse being overloaded and blowing continuously.

Flickering lights

Flickering bulbs may result from a wiring issue, but an inadequate switchboard can also contribute to the periodic flickering of lights.


Excessive fluctuations in power consumption from household appliances can burden the switchboard, leading to frequent flickering of lights. In either case, taking the necessary steps to resolve the issue is prudent.


In the event of an overheating issue due to overloads, ageing cables, and faulty wiring, your switchboard may emit an acrid smell. You must take immediate action in this case and contact an electrician immediately.

Tripped circuit breaker

A circuit breaker can be a valuable tool to manage overloads and power surges effectively. However, if you find that your circuit breakers are regularly tripping, it is essential to inspect your switchboard to ensure it is in good working order.


A defective switchboard may cause regular tripping, mainly if it cannot cope with the demand for high power to the smaller components.

Appliances Damaged

Inspecting your switchboard for signs of overloading is always advisable, as this can be a significant hazard to your safety and can lead to damaging problems for your appliances.


Look out for a low humming, a tangled mass of cables, or if it appears too complete. If any of these are present, consider investing in an upgrade.


If you see smoke or sparks near the switchboard, it indicates a serious electrical hazard. You must engage professional electrical services to address the issue.


Get top-notch switchboard upgrades by the most reliable and local electricians on Gold Coast. If you are experiencing electrical hazards due to a faulty switchboard or require switchboard testing, do not hesitate to contact us today. Our experts dedicate themselves to fixing your electrical issues quickly and efficiently.


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