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A power outage is a temporary or long-term cessation of electrical service in a designated area due to various factors, including equipment malfunction, inclement weather, human error, or catastrophic events. This results in a lack of electricity and the consequent cessation of operation of all electrical appliances, lighting, and other powered devices until electricity is again available.


A power outage can disrupt an entire area’s electric supply for hours, days, or sometimes, even weeks. However, most power outages are short. For example, if someone’s circuit breaker is tripped (especially during the holidays!), more severe power outages usually last more than a few minutes and can affect more than just one house.


Power outages occur for various reasons, including load shedding, adverse weather conditions, and infrastructure work near the power supply lines.


As a homeowner, you undoubtedly rely on your electrical supply for multiple things. Power outages may often be upsetting because it represents convenience and security. So, imagine being without that power for an extended period. While it does happen from time to time due to problems like solid wind gusts or trees falling into power lines after heavy rainstorms, the fact is that at the end of the day, you need to know what to do?

Below are some DIY steps you can consider during power outages:

What to do during a power outage

Planning and preparation are essential to prevent blackouts when a power outage occurs in a region.


Here are some steps to deal with outages as they may reduce stress when there’s no electricity.

Identify the Source of the Power Outage.

Turn off your Electric Appliances.

Call Power Supply Company

Contact the Power supply company if the power outage occurs due to a fault in the power line supply.

Cost of Repairing the Power Outage:

Electricians fix the power outage when the source is within the house itself. The cost of repairing the fault depends on the electric appliance, switchboard, and meter to rectify.

News Analysis of Power Outage

Some of the recent news on power outages are:

  • A major outage has left over 6,000 homes and businesses without power on the Gold Coast.
  • The majority of impacted customers are in Varsity Lakes and Robina.
  • However, there are also areas of Clear Island Waters and Burleigh Waters that are also offline. ( Source: https://www.mygc.com.au/major-outage-knocks-out-power-to-6000-homes-businesses/)
  • More than 1000 properties on the Gold Coast are currently without power after a truck crashed into an electrical pole.
  • Up to 1,106 properties in Ashmore and 73 in Benowa are experiencing a power outage following the crash.
  • The truck struck the pole along Ashmore Road, Benowa, around 3.45 pm this afternoon. ( Source:https://www.mygc.com.au/power-cut-after-truck-smashes-into-pole-on-the-gold-coast/)
  • Residents in Queensland and New South Wales were warned to brace for mass power outages on Monday night as energy suppliers battled to keep up with the demand. ( Source:(https://www.9news.com.au/national/power-outages-expected-in-queensland-new-south-wales-as-suppliers-battle-demand/fc1bc66d-4621-44ac-a658-9a38c7c5568b)


Electricity is a vital energy source on which many residents and commercial organisations run. The appliances that run on electricity need constant maintenance. Even the electric wiring needs to be updated at regular intervals to avoid blackouts.

History of Power Outages in Gold Coast

The seasons when power outages occur in Gold Coast are summer and spring. Thunderstorms and lighting lead to power line destruction hampering the power supply. Many cities in the Gold Coast area get down when the power goes down, leading to blackouts.


To reduce all uncertainties due to power outages, it becomes essential to maintain the electric power points in your home/business. MCH Electrical takes care of all the power supplies in case of emergency in all areas of Gold Coast. Contact us in case of a power outage.


Yes. It is recommended to disconnect and power off all electronics with delicate circuitry, including but not limited to computers, TVs, DVD players, and microwaves. We should keep a lamp to indicate when electrical power gets back for visibility.

Yes. To make necessary maintenance for safety.

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