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Why Doing Your Own Electrical Work Is Dangerous

Unless you are a trained, qualified, licensed and fully insured master electrician, you really should never attempt to do any of your own electrical work. This includes repairs as well as new installations. It’s simply not worth the risk to yourself or those around you. Electricity is just far too dangerous. It’s Illegal If you are not officially qualified, it


Why A Smoke Alarm Is So Vital

Tragically house fires occur more often than we would like all across Australia. Often they break out during the winter months, when people are burning fires or using heating appliances. Candles toppling over and setting curtains alight is another common cause, and so easily preventable. Losing your home and possessions is devastating, but even more heartbreaking is the loss of


What Lighting Should You Install In Your Home Or Office

Homes and offices will have both internal and external lighting, and certain rooms may require different types of lighting styles and applications to other rooms. This is not only something to be discussed with your lighting supplier, but also your licensed electrician who will be performing the installations. Home Office Or Commercial Office Space Whether the office is a home


Top Tips To Save On Those Summer Power Bills

Electricity prices seem to be on the increase every single year, so now more than ever is the time to try and save on power consumption, even in small ways. Or maybe even discuss the possibility of solar power installation with your master electrician. In the meantime, here are a few handy tips to help keep those power bills down


Top Reasons Why MCH Electrical Is #1 On the Gold Coast and Brisbane

Electricity is a necessary and vital component of our lives, and these days there is very little we can do or achieve without its constant power source. Whether it’s power for the home or a business, electricity really is an essential service. On the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, we consider ourselves to be the number one choice for all


Times You Might Need An Emergency Electrician

As not all power problems conveniently occur during business hours, it’s imperative that you have a qualified electrician that you can call on in the case of emergencies. A 24 hour emergency electrician can be a real lifesaver, as these days we are so dependent on a constant supply of electricity to power our everyday lives; and in some instances


How Electricity Makes Your Business More Secure

In the modern world just about every single business relies on electricity in one way or another to keep the operation up and running. Power really is an essential service. But electricity doesn’t just run equipment and light up the workplace. Without a reliable power supply, in many ways your business would become vulnerable. Let’s look at some key ways


Handy Electrical Safety Tips

Electricity in the home or workplace can be very safe if you follow these safety tips and use common sense. Electricity and Water Don’t Mix If an electrical appliance has accidentally been immersed in water, toss it out. Don’t try and dry it out and switch it back on again. It really is not worth the risk of electric shock.


Forget DIY Air Conditioning – Call In a Professional

Installing air conditioning systems is a specialised service and is not something that should be attempted by the home handyman. There is more involved than simply screwing the internal unit of a split system to the wall and firing it up. There is electrical work involved and piping to install to drain away condensation from the unit as it extracts


Domestic, Commercial, Industrial Or Strata – MCH Electrical Do It All!

Whether you require the services of a…. Domestic electrician Commercial electrician Industrial electrician Strata electrician ….MCH Electrical has got you covered on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. As a family owned and operated business, our main aim is complete customer satisfaction; offering a whole range of quality electrical services, delivered in a professional, but friendly manner. The services listed


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